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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

The Website/Products/Services obtains the information that you voluntarily provide when you choose to download and register for the Services or products. In the event of you registering with us, you generally are to provide

  1. Your name, age, email address, location, phone number, password, and your ward's educational interests;

  2. Transaction-related information, such as when you opt to make any purchases, respond to any offers, or download or use applications/contents from us;

  3. Information you may enter into our system when using the Services/products, such as while asking doubts, participating in varied discussions, and taking mock tests.

  4. Information you may provide us when you contact us for assistance;

The said information collected from the users could be categorized as “Personal Information”, “Sensitive Personal Information” and “Associated Information”.


Personal Information, Sensitive Personal Information, and Associated Information (each of which, as individually defined under this Information Technology (Reasonable security practices and procedures and sensitive personal data or information) Rules, 2011 (the “Data Protection Rules”)) shall collectively be referred to as “Information” in this Policy. We may use the Information to contact you from time to time, to facilitate the Services, required notices, important information, and marketing promotions. We may ask you when we need more information that personally identifies you (Personally Identifiable Information) or allows us to contact you. We will not differentiate between who is using the device to access the Website or Services or products, so long as the log-in/access credentials match with yours.


To make the best use of the Website/Products/Services and enable your Information to be captured accurately on the Website/products/services, you must be logged in using your credentials. We will, at all times, facilitate the option to you to not provide the Personally Identifiable Information or any other information, which we seek from you. Further, you shall, at any time while using the Services/products, also may opt to withdraw your consent given earlier to us to use such Personally Identifiable Information or any other form of Information. Such withdrawal of the consent is crucial to be sent in writing to us at the contact details provided in this Policy below. In such event, however, the Company fully reserves the right not to allow further usage or provide any Services/products thereunder to you.

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